April 12, 2010

Looking in the mirror


I have to admit, there is some crazy good space going on round these parts lately. I have to thank Cape Epic for giving me the headspace I so love. I have since set myself some challenges, completely non-physical. Coming back from a week in the wild, where very little mattered but for food, my bike and my partner, I have realized that I have way to much stuff lying around. The Housemate will tell you the same. My cupboards are littered with stuff that I really do not need that badly.

Having loads of freaking awesome Puma footwear lying around also never hurt anyone, but it’s at the point where I need to make some controlled decisions on how much awesomeness I need and where I need to spread the love I get from some of the amazing companies who believe in me.

I came across an amazing challenge the other day and I am going to take it. It’s called 100 things:

The rules I’m following:

  • Only personal things, that belong only to me. Doesn’t include household furniture, dishes, cleaning supplies, or other shared items such as our family digital camera and the TV.
  • Books aren’t counted.
  • I can get new things, but will try to keep them under 50 things.
  • Underwear & socks are a group each.

The goal is to get my personal things list to 100. In fact, I need to get it down to about 90, because I have a few things I want to add to the list to get to 100.

Quite a challenge for me. If, by now, you haven’t worked it out, I like challenges, so this should be a great one. Will keep you posted.

The title from the post comes from the challenge. When I got back from Epic and looked in the mirror, I did see that there is too much stuff going on around me, that I needed to simplify. Surviving with so little for a week reminded me that I enjoy that. I love keeping it simple. Also reminded me that I love new people. We met quite a few new people during the race and I wanted to do something completely non-sporting to do the same.

Since I have been back I have been going out of my way to hang out and meet new people. I have a few rules:

1. Ask whatever I want – no reason to hold back.
2. Listen twice as much as I speak.
3. Make sure to thank them for their time.

So far, a great success and it has inspired me to potentially take it up for a month, traveling South Africa in my car with my bikes, working where I am (which I do anyway), seeing really out there places and riding some amazing landscapes. I want to stay with old mates, friends and strangers as I go. No plan, just be out there for a while.

Keep it simple, stupid. I have heard this alot in my life. I tend to over complicate things when I allow my mind to run. The mirror doesn’t lie and even if it’s tough to like what you see at times only you have the choices to make to fix that image.

Have a great week.

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