April 19, 2010

Ironman Week is here…

…a collective clench from the athletes who just read that can only be hightened by watching the following:

Goosebumps. The actuality that anyone can do this, is exactly what has gripped the world, created opportunities for thousands of people around the world to scare themselves into becoming one of us. The fact that anybody can complete the Ironman is one of its biggest hook points.

It’s different from Cape Epic, in the sense that its a far more personal journey. No partners, no riding in groups chatting, no outside assistance.

You wake up, prepared as you can be, hoping for the best, carrying everything you need out there for the day with you.

I love this race. I love the concept. I get very emotional about Ironman because I am not a typical Ironman athlete. That may surprise you but I am not. The lot of us racing for slots are not what the race is about. I am passionate about the way this race changes your life. The middle to back of the packers experience the biggest life change. You are what the race is about, believe it or not. Pat yourself on the back.

Now watch this, cheesy house music overlay included…


I only have a few tips for the guys out there doing Ironman this week. Many of you ARE going to make stupid mistakes this week, so here are a few common really stupid things you will do this week:

1. Change your position on the bike.
2. Change your race day nutrition strategy.
3. Change your carefully prepared taper by smashing out 2 hour bike time trials with 3 days to go.

Have some fun. You ARE going to finish. Make sure you finish well. With a smile and please, for the sake of your loved ones, at the last aid station, wash the 8-13 hours of gob, energy bars, coca cola and the last remnants of your soul off your face, zip up your top and high five some people in the finish chute.

Ironman is your daddy this week….

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