May 4, 2010

My Katana is here…


A while ago I hinted that there was a new frame on the way. If you follow me on twitter, you would also have seen my utter frustration when it was incorrectly sent to Germany where it got stuck under this…


I think they were lying about it being stuck there though. That frame is so pretty I think it was conceived in that eruption. That Japanese Rising Sun combined with the name Katana, which any Kill Bill fans would know is an ancient Japanese Sword. Really now….

I am retiring my old bike for a slightly faster model, especially as I am now on my way to Kona for World Champs. That course is brutal and the extra bit of help goes a long way. People are going to ask why I didn’t go top of the range with the Viper, and my reasoning is simple. Its called a triathlon… specifically, an Ironman. I look for something more compliant out on the road that’s a little stiffer and hence, a little more comfortable. It may sound like nothing, but the Katana is my choice for 180km time trial over the Viper because of the run.

I am so looking forward to having him here with me. Why a boys name? Generally boys give their bikes girls names. Must be a nostalgic thing, or maybe a missed opportunity somewhere in their lives.

This bike will be called Kratos. KRATOS (or Cratus) was the god or daimon of strength, might, power and sovereign rule in Greek mythology. I think the style or racing at Ironman deserves a Kratos. It’s about mental strength, might and sovereign rule over your mind and your body for an entire day. Fitting.

Thank you Ceepo for their mighty effort in getting the frame here. There was a suggestion to send a racing donkey through Africa to get it here whilst that Volcano spewed anger and ash. They are still very new to South Africa but I suggest you check them out online here for all the models.

I am a big fan of niche design and Ceepo are into triathlon, and Ironman specifically. They don’t care about the UCI and their rules. A triathlon specific geometry is very different to a cycling one when it comes to OPTIMAL comfort out there. I am excited to be a part of this craftmanship, this passion for our sport.

Full built up pictures soon, I promise.

2 Comments on “My Katana is here…

Nic Muhl
May 5, 2010 at 8:52 pm

The boy doesn’t mention that Ceepo is the official bike parter for Ironman. The best has been chosen..

Urban Ninja
May 10, 2010 at 10:38 am

there is no blatant marketing here like that Muhl. Official bike or not, the bottom line is the finish line and we are more after the performance than the M-Dot sticker.


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