May 20, 2010

Pushing Boundaries


I find myself pushing boundaries this year everywhere. Work, sport, life, friendship, partying, quiet time. It’s all on some extreme level and the highs and lows have accordingly been super high or ultra low. From placing 2nd South African at Ironman South Africa to riding 90km with a hole in my hand, fingers filled with tendinitis and a back in spasm during Cape Epic.

From riding my bike in such peace along the roads to Stellenbosch that I was aware of each hair on my body to the chaos of drinking Patron till I danceoff/fall myself to a laughing full stop.

It’s been good and writing that has put a smile on my face, so it has to be all good. It had been quiet the ride and this week seems just like that. I am working on projects which are scary-amazing. The potential for a fantastic amount of fun working at NML is very real. Deprogramming myself on an emotional level to a place where I am left astounded is something that I am pushing for as well. I have been a tad lazy in this department in the last while.

Human kind would still be hunting and living in huts if it wasn’t for some heroes who pushed boundaries, continuously, for the last few thousands years. We would never have seen a sub 4 minute mile, a sub 1min 1km on the track, or built a building over 20 stories high had someone not pushed the boundaries.

What are your boundaries?

How are you going to break through them and make a difference…

A more regular post to follow, this just jumped into my head right now. Having one of those days.

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