May 25, 2010

Personal Planning. The Revisted List.

I love personal planning. Having recently completed a 6 month cycle of planning it’s been time to reflect and see where I can adapt and change some things moving forward to give me more breathing room. I have a list which I like to answer. Reflect on the items below and think about how these items may play into your goals for the future. What things drive your personal satisfaction and what things deter you from meeting your goals?

1. Big Picture (3-4 most important things)
2. Key Likes (3-4 areas that most drive my personal satisfaction)
3. Geography (where I will spend my time )
4. Body — key points for my body
5. Mind — key points for mind/knowledge/education
6. Spirit — when and how I will rest (from training, from work, from everything)
7. Places I want to visit
8. Personal Asset Allocation (today, five year, ten year)
9. Next twelve month expense projection
10. Next twelve month income projection
11. Personal Top Ten List — the ten most important things in my life that require focus, effort and time
12. Actions — what actions/habits are most important to me
13. Hazards — what items need to be watched to avoid roadblocks

Once I get those answered I always have a better idea of how to move forward with more ease and a better idea of how to make key decisions. Having a standard set of questions also means I can go back and see how I answered these questions 6, 12, 18 months ago and see if I was being realistic then, which helps adaptation and correct planning going forward.

That’s all for today. Back to your lives…

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