May 28, 2010

How I train.


I am getting more and more comments on the amount and type of training I do. The conversation will go something like this…

Friend: “Dude, awesome race at Ironman. You must be racking up the hours. Why aren’t you pro?”

Me: “Thanks, but I have a normal job and train normal hours. I am not near pro level. Top age grouper and top pro are worlds apart.”

Friend: “Seriously, you must be racking up 25 hours a week?”

Me: “No, I average around 16-18 hours a week.”

Friend: “Liar!”

The argument goes on and as such I am going to put my weekly average miles on. My weeks start on a Saturday anyway, so posting them every Friday is a good way for me to reflect on the previous seven days. Fridays are also my days off in general. I will start this week with what I managed:

Saturday: Off

Sunday: 30min run to the gym, easy, followed by 60min indoor spin (100 cadence, 120hr). 15min run.

Monday: 40min (2km) swim and some minor core work (about 20min) in the Morning. Afternoon was a 35min jog on the promenade making sure I kept the HR down to being able to run with my mouth closed.

Tuesday: Slept in in the morning, was just too good. Afternoon session was a 45min spin (100 cadence, 120hr) and a 45min run, easy easy.

Wednesday: Morning swim, 40min (2km)

Thursday: 60min Vinyasa Yoga in the morning. Afternoon was 45min spin (100 cadence, 120hr) and a 30 session of core.

Friday: 45min spin (100 cadence, 120hr)

That’s it.

So not really a heavy week, right? I am still getting my body back into action and should be getting in my first longer outdoor ride this weekend plus a trail run out there somewhere, hopefully. The plan is to do 15 hours next week split as follows:

Swim: 2 hours
Ride: 7 hours
Run: 3 hours
Gym: 1 hour
Yoga: 2 hours

As the weeks go by, I`ll get more riding in and that will go up towards 14 hours a week, with 2 hours swimming, 5 hours of running and 2 hours of yoga per week. That’s really my biggest weeks in training, 23 hours. I might do 2 of those.

Average will be about 10 Hours of riding, 4 Hours of running, 2 Hours of Swimming and 2 Hours of Yoga. 18 Hours. Not more. I can’t do more than that and maintain health and work at full steam.

For what I am doing in training, well I am working on the following for the following 16 weeks:

Core stability

Quite a simple equation as to what I feel is most important for the successes I want to achieve in Hawaii at Ironman and Xterra World Champs. My goals have been penned but those I can’t share just yet…

Buy me a RealBeer and we can talk about it…

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