June 2, 2010

It’s not always pretty. Why RAW is better.

I have been blogging a lot about me lately. The Housemate calmly reminded me of this last night. Thanks dude. Holding me to the ground in precisely the right moment. It’s been a great year and at times it’s hard to keep it in. Finding that balance between humble, balance and Howard Roark get’s a little blurred at times.

Finding Timm Koelln should remind us of how hard the journey often is, why we strive for the journey as opposed to the finish line. Journeys are rewarding in a bigger sense. They are what “raw” is all about. Finish lines look amazing, all dolled up, with podium girls and loud music. Personally I prefer the quiet moments where I am not sure how I am going to make it through the day. They happen more often than we give credit to. Doubt, fear, they are all very real to all of us.

Smartie-box pretty and plastic fantastic don’t give lasting happiness. There is always unfinished business. For every time we have heard someone say they have unfinished business at races we should have to hear a thousand people tell us how raw and powerful it was to doubt themselves and come through the other side and stride to victory over themselves. That would be a sign that you are filling your lives with the right people. Go on, be raw. Be real. Never stop at the finish line. It will never be enough.

Timm Koelln captures this very well. Thank you Timm.

"Ok, so this is going to hurt. Accepted. The harder it hurts me, the more it hurts the other guys." "Hell of the North? More like Hell of Every Muscle in my Body." "Every moment I doubted myself to get up here, was worth the feeling of getting here." "Hijo de puta, that was epic." "Maybe, if I don't move a muscle, the inevitable pain will never materialise."

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