June 9, 2010

Back to regular scheduled programming


That is correct. I am back at regular sleep.

The cause of that is regular training. Added to quite a hectic work schedule. Scheduling and prioritizing has become number 1 again. No more regular late nights, no more regular bad eating. It has all had to go because the next 16 weeks are going to be quite crazy, but I am looking forward to it.

Scheduling training is always fun and here is the general schedule to fit in:

AM: Swim
PM: Run + Gym

Tuesdays & Thursdays:
AM: Ride
Lunch: Run
PM: Yoga

AM: Long Run
PM: Swim

Fridays: OFF

Swim + Bike

AM: Bike
PM: Run

That is more than I have done in the past and the most ambitious schedule I have ever tried to tap out, so we`ll have to see how I cope with the workload. The aim is to be hitting ALL these sessions by the end of this 4 week block and take it from there. All I know is regular sleep and regular good food are going to become part of the routine again.

The routine is a great thing for me. I get into a groove and my energy levels return and actually get boosted. I work harder, smarter, faster as well. I just have to watch them tequilas. My mates are known to enjoy a few of them.

But then again, all of that only totals 19 Hours, so it’s broken up in smaller pieces than you think, with far more specific work than you realise. If you want to know more – buy me a real coffee. Something Harrar or Lima, from Oojah preferably. Can’t seem to stomach the other stuff any more.

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