June 11, 2010

Weekly Training Volume: Week 2


Instead of going for a ride, I served wine for 8 hours, drinking a bit of it (ok, a lot of it) and proceeding to do hyper extensive calf jumps for 4 hours (commonly referred to as crazy dancing/bouncing). Judging by how sore I was the next morning I`m going to add it as worth while training.

Sunday: OFF day. Wrecked from Wacky Wine Weekend.

AM: Swim 40min
PM: Indoor Ride 60min easy + 20min core work

AM: Indoor Ride 90min easy with some ME work (about 20min total) + 15min core work
PM: 45min run + 75 min yoga + 25min run. Tough work-out, running an extended route to yoga, then 75min of Vinyasa based yoga and a 25min run back in the dark and in the rain.

AM: 40min swim
PM: 60min run easy easy, forcing myself to slow down. Sore throat now in full effect.

AM: Skipped session due to sore throat.
PM: 2h30 ride super easy, focus on riding with mouth closed to keep intensity down. ME work on the climbs (x 4)

Friday: OFF

Total around 14 hours which is on track even though I have a sore throat. So many sick people around it’s tough to stay healthy. Am trying to sleep regular hours and eat well and not let it get into my chest. I pushed the limits at Wacky Wine though, standing on my feet for 9 hours a day, then proceeding to party it up with family and friends for 2 days. I have nobody or anything to blame but myself.

Today is going to be a day of recovery and hopefully getting my health back on track before we start long, slow work-outs tomorrow, hoping for 4 hours tomorrow and 5 hours on Sunday as the start of the next week.

But for today, we are going to be going large for the opening of the World Cup. I hope to not run into too many Mexicans, especially in square bottles.

Overall I would give the week a 6/10 out of effectiveness for training. Not great. Work to do.

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