June 18, 2010

Weekly Training Volume: Week 3


This Football Tournament has been hell on wheels for my training but I think I scraped through and seem to be over about 80% of this virus as well, so a personal high five is almost in order, but not yet. Here we go:

Saturday: Woke up mildly hungover after a crazy World Cup opening party. There was even pavement scooter riding (with the law chasing on foot) involved. Managed to get 2h30 done on the bike, mildly amusing myself in the process.

Sunday: Still feeling quite average, health wise, I again ventured out for only 2h30 on the bike, but managed a 1h00 run in the late afternoon, which felt much better after an afternoon nap.

Monday: 1h15 on the indoor bike with much focus on ME work. 45min of gym afterward surely hurt. Went to the stadium on Monday night to watch the football and it was superb!

Tuesday: I felt like HELL in the morning and slept in. My sinuses were deadly. Went to get more muti & felt quite a lot better once I was moving in the right direction. I did an interesting brick workout in the afternoon which involved a 60min run / 75min yoga / 20min run in total. I felt like a runner for the first time since starting again and this was a bit of a breakthrough session for me.

Wednesday: 4h30 of riding, 3h20 of it on the MTB and quite hard. I felt like I lost almost all my MTB skills in the 10 weeks I had not ridden the bike. Eventually it came right. Climbing was ok, not nearly stellar. I was pretty poked by the time I had made the 25km back on the road into the headwind. Went out to the Bafana game a little later and again fell off the wagon & had a few too many tequilas. eish.

Thursday: Properly tired and mildly hungover. I totally slept in and just managed the day. Dragged my feet to gym for a random session of 40min swim / 40min indoor bike. It did NOT feel great. My hammies are also SO tight from the mtb ride.

That totals us for the week at: 17 Hours. It was a good week all in all and with some focus next week I should be back at more regular training.

Building up to the Knysna week of “camp” phase is going semi-ok and by all estimations I should get a pretty good week in there of about 30 hours I hope, which should jump-start the engine again.

Have a great weekend y`all. I have 8-9 hours on the cards with a riding focus. Well, really it’s all riding. All I have to do is get through the England game relatively unscathed. Let’s hold thumbs cause we all know I get caught up in the energy and next thing you know…

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