June 22, 2010

Mental Conditioning & Limitation Awareness


image nicked from CTG. Thanks Alex.

That bird means business, right? It looks more menacing than that Nigerian dude who occupies your corner, right?

I have just finished reading another killer article by Gordo on mental conditioning. It begs to make you ask the question:

How badly do you want it?

Realistically, the guy who is willing to outdo the other guy, in training, at work in terms of hours and effort, in terms of creativity or ingenuity, that is the guy who is going to get ahead. I had a discussion this morning with someone about the mental side of what we do. About the inability of people to focus on putting together not one good day or work, but consistent weeks of work.

As Gordo mentions knowing his limitations, one of mine is my competitive spirit. I have to limit training with people because I like…. no…. I LOVE to race. I can withstand a few training sessions with guys but in the end, I always end up racing them. The Wednesday night club run at ATC is my worst. You start with a jog and 4km later you have no idea why you are sprinting, but there you are, hammering it.

Personally I can control going a little slower in big races that are not as important to me. The excuse of not being near the front is easier than on a 8km club run. How lame. How true.

Save it for raceday. The bottom line is the finish line. Not who makes it home first this afternoon. One of the biggest factors for success in my ENTIRE life is being able to put together not one week of consistent work, but 10-12 weeks at at time. That is one of my strengths. As TheHousemate would say, Less Haste, More Speed.

For those interested in success at life, put together a few weeks of GOOD work, not one week of AWESOME work. The Obox boys personify this. They are able to put together incredible work hours for weeks at a time with an incredible focus. Not one week non-stop.

Be that bird. Focused, with a plan, that spans months, not weeks. People laugh when they hear I am on a 5 year plan for Ironman, that I`m not even into the third year yet. I saw the first real results of it this year, of the consistent work that went into the last 28 months. It’s a big pill to swallow. I am talking not only about sport here, but about work, life, sacrifice, forgiveness and getting over myself.

In terms of a picture, I had to build a bridge, and get over myself. With some of us, the wood is quite a way away though and it takes time to carry it to the water before we can even begin the build.

many talk, few do.

simple, but not easy.

I have had to eat those words (along with my feet) a few times along the way, but hey… check this smile. I say that with no arrogance and the utmost humility for what life has taught me & the smile is for all the times I was too stupid to kick my toes not once or twice, but eight or nine times doing the same thing. As Gringo says: “From the school of life baby”.

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