June 25, 2010

Weekly Training Volume: Week 4


Feeling the combination of volume ramp & this football tournament (that ok Fifa? No Official Fifa 2010 World Cup held in the most amazing South Africa mentioned in there?) and a semi rest week was enforced not by the mind, but by the body, which is feeling quite fatigued. Desperate for a massage or two as well. Missing my Biosport treatments and it’s not until its gone that you realise how important they are.

Saturday: Woke up with a stiff ankle and a hole in my hand. What? Such is the life of parties around the World Cup in South Africa. Chilled with a big breakfast but wanted to make up for it, and managed 3 hours on the bike and a bit of core work as well, maybe 10min after. Very steady and easy. Helped that there was a game on TV to watch.

Sunday: It was a pearler with pockets of cloud and blue skies. I went out towards Simons Town and rode every hill in sight in ME and managed 4h30 in the end. Very stoked, I was strong on the way home into the wind and felt a bit of form coming through.

Monday: Ankle still a bit sore, so no running yet. Would be the case for the entire week. Managed 1h20 on the indoor bike and 40min of gymwork with the core, back, quads, hammies being the focus. 30min of ME work on the bike.

Tuesday: The weather crept in and kept me indoors. 1h30 on in the indoor bike and 30min of core/gym again in the afternoon after a quick 30min swim in the morning. 30min of ME work on the bike.

Wednesday: OFF. Was just over it and moved my rest day forward a little.

Thursday: Brought out the light and went over Chapmans Peak into Noordhoek and back after work. Got home in the dark but was well worth it for the ride was great and I felt great. 4 x 10min of ME work in there as well. 120min.

Friday: Woke up and managed a 30min easy run, ankle finally feeling ok again. Planning a 60min indoor ride a little later based on the fog but if it lifts, 90min it will be.

Weekly total was: 15h00 to 15h30 in total. So much for a rest week actually. Only 4 hours less than planned. Almost all of it on the bike, which I am excited about as the bike is the foundation of everything. Hand is almost healed up and it’s a good space to be in. Over the sinus infection, finally.

This weekend is a bit of a throw-back though with a visit to the farm with my dad so more than likely will have an easier week coming than this one was, which is not the worst thing in the world, as Knysna and its training camp, likely volume being about 30hours, looms only a week ahead.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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