June 28, 2010

Where does the stoke come from?

with all the bikes looking to be ready again this week, I am looking forward to a bit of this again…


Not to go fast, but to go far. To see beautiful places, where cars might go by every 20min or so. Where I may have stop and take pictures. Where I may have to stop and eat a croissant from a deli so local there might not be a sign outside.

Where the mad rush of thoughts disappears but for the calm I experience when my body is humming like a finely tuned engine. Where I do not have to think, or worry, about life’s daily worries.

I am so excited about getting out there again. I really miss the solidarity that I experienced this year in the Cape Epic. The emotions that went with only two concerns in the world: My bike & my partner. I didn’t have to worry about me, my Fretten had that amply covered. Just pedal & make sure he is ok. BOOM.

One of my absolute dreams is to ride the Silk Route. Another is to ride all of these. You can see that the sense of adventure is what I am after. I am all about the big adventures now. The smaller days hardly excite me anymore. I have to convince myself they are a part of the process. This often blesses me with amazing experiences on a 30min run or a 20min swim (yes, I do those). Process is everything.

Come play with me. The world awaits us…

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