July 19, 2010

More Tour de France…

I’m going with the emotional stuff today. Trying to show you just how hard this Tour de France has been. It’s without a doubt the hardest tour I have ever watched. More scabs and injuries than I have seen in possibly all the Tours I have watched. I have nicked and edited some pictures from here as they are about the best I have seen.

For me, the Tour begins now. The last week is the hardest of the lot and about twice as hard as the other two weeks combined. After looking at these pictures, I am sure you would like to think, how much harder can it be? I am sure you are thinking perhaps these guys are not just skinny lycra clad weaklings. There are guys racing near the front with fractured elbows, cracked ribs and more tendinitis than left over lentils at a meat eaters retreat.


The evidence speaks for itself.


Fall on the descent, get back up, ride back into the pack. Finish with “that” wildness in the eyes. Rock star stuff..


Riding into yellow with a cracked elbow.


Breaking down completely after losing 10minutes. Cadel Evans, I salute you.


Just another day at the office, right?


Cav, what an emotional boy. All the tension, all the pressure released for all to see. Wearing his heart on his sleeve…


Sylvain has showed true grit and ballerness this Tour. He is my rider for the Tour so far. He will just NOT give up, at any stage. Thank you.

Make sure you watch today, it is going to be crazy. Andy has to attack today. He can’t let Menchov get another minute, never mind Sanchez. He may end up off the podium after the TT if he let’s them get a minute. Bert is either hiding something or hurting from something else. His spring is just not there for me. Either way, the Tour has been epic this year. The best part is that it has only just begun.

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