July 26, 2010

Doing it right.


That is how you finish the biggest mountain in the Tour. Right?

I have been excited lately to do things right, and I mean really giving it everything. I am going into a block of time where not giving everything is just not going to cut it. Big races, big work projects and exciting prospects loom ahead in the next 12 weeks, so I am finding the following and hoped you could use one or two things to help you too.

1. I am having to think slowly. TheHousemate always says “less haste, more speed” and this rings super true for me, especially as I get busier. I have to take extra time to write emails, proposals, respond to questions, plan my day ahead (sometimes involves packing 2 sports bags and pre-making lunch and and and…). Taking the extra few seconds or minutes to do things slowly, think about the things slowly can often result in hours saved.

2. New sensations. The harder I train, the more fragile I get & the more regular sleep and simple food I need. I am more prone to stomach bugs, sinus infections, flat out fatigue and the one which hits me the hardest is my tolerance for alcohol. I generally have a very good tolerance. I find that after a certain volume of hours training, I just can’t do more than 2 glasses of wine. Overz kadoverz. The same goes with sugar and all stimulants. Where I would hardly feel a red bull, where I am now training wise, it knocks me for 6.

3. Peace. I am very chill at the moment. Things are on track and I keep hearing comments about looking peaceful. Planning and execution of that plan correctly is clearly good for the soul. Sleeping regularly and eating real food will make all the difference. People will see it.

4. Mood awareness. I am someone who does not do the combination of hungry and tired very well. I am very calm in general but combine the two and I might rip the arms off a small child if it asks that question again. Being busy often leaves me tired, often hungry and quite often, both. This is just how it is. I have to be very aware of my mood and how I react in the office or to email when you add in that it might be Monday and I have trained 12 hours over the weekend.

Hopefully something in there that you can use this week.

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