July 27, 2010

Tour de France 2010: Closing Pictures & Thoughts.


It was a Tour that kept us glued to the stupid box, making sure we got home either early or avoided Facebook, Twitter, The Internet and anyone who may have actually watched it live so that we could watch the last 2 hours on Supersport a little later as well, as if it was live. To us, it was. It was a close Tour, one filled with more excitement than the last few put together, where there was no clear winner, even by the time we reached Paris.

We were witness to two boys doing absolutely pure boyish things. Attacking and attempting to destroy the other one only to high five after the stage in celebration of being the best. Its classic boys stuff. So with that, I expected a mistake or two and we got them splattered out in front of the world for all to see the mistakes and personally, I think they handled it like men. There was A LOT of growing up going on behind the scenes at the 2010 Tour de France.

Viva! I cannot believe we have to wait 330 odd days for it all to happen again.

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