July 28, 2010

Beyond the blob


I had lunch today with a particularly gifted guy. Not only is he an unbelievable mountain biker, but he can write far better than this guy. He is adventurous, wild and very calculating. But the fact that I like most about him, is that he gets it. Plain & simple.

“It” is course, can be summed up for me as follows:

1. Sport for us is a lifestyle. It’s an essential part of our lives.
2. It will never be our profession.
3. We love pushing our bodies as far as possible to see how much we can cope with.
4. There has to be adventure involved. Without adventure, men starve.
5. We LOVE it.

For him it’s about being out there, pushing the limits, often with his brother, in situations which make him a better guy. Admirable that he is willing to put himself into the dark bucket of “How am I going to get out of here” but smart in that he surrounds himself with people he really trusts to be in that situation with. It’s not about one thing, but about participation, being in the mix with the dudes, the guys, the manne and he knows it never gets easier as you get faster, even though he is really really fast.

We were chatting about where we want our sports experiences to go and there was a mutual agreement that it’s the participation, the masses and especially the back markers that inspire us more than the front guys. We have both successfully and through many years of hard work come from the back to the front of races. When I started at the back of triathlons, the front guys were everything I wanted to be. As I am nearing the front, I have to say that the inverse has happened. I have various reasons for this.

1. The gains are smaller and require MUCH more work.
2. There is very little gear left that I don’t have, that doesn’t cost more than my car.
3. To get better, I have to be far more organized, planned, rigorous and meticulous about so many more things. At times, it is exhausting.

I am a true believer in the inspiration of the first timer, the twice a week runner who commits to running their first half marathon and the guy who cant swim more than 50m who enters a half ironman race, throwing caution to the wind and slamming their fists against the table and saying “I WILL DO THIS”. Those are my heroes.

The blogosphere has created this world where there are thousands of pages, no, that would be millions of pages of people who write to boost their own ego’s. Twitter, for me, is about 90% self massage of the ego. I am completely over Facebook at this point as I am tired of seeing how “happy” everyone proclaims to be, but when I see the same people in person their lives are falling apart. Rather be open and honest and contribute something beyond the blob, as I am coining it. Write something beyond a cheesy quote or telling the world (lying) about how fabulous everything is. Share a useful link that inspired you. Suggest an action which contributes.

Beyond the blob relates to all our lives. This crazy ego massage where we are seeking the approval of others by spreading a message that is not necessarily true is the shortest empty cul de sac I can think of. Surely that is the short term outlook on a long term problem? I could totally be missing my seat here but there is something truly healing about humbly sharing something that was given to you today, onwards, with the rest of the world.

For the rest of the week, move beyond the blob. Use your Facebook and Twitter accounts, your emails and sms’s, blackberry messenger and skype platforms to share information which made a change in your week. Don’t be the guy who gives a blind man a set of binoculars, be the guy who gives the blind man a guide dog, something that could change someone’s life forever. It could totally happen to you, if you just take the chance to share.

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David Talbot
July 29, 2010 at 10:28 pm

So real bud! Love it. and we share the passion for the ‘back of the packers’ you sound like a true PTC member, lol!!

August 4, 2010 at 6:15 pm

love that true sentement. love doing things because you love them and not coz you feel you should love them. PTC. go to the back of the pack and help some one have fun.


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