August 12, 2010

WIN: Tickets to DIRT!


DIRT! Woolworths-supported documentary on the effects of global soil disruption on food security and human well-being.

According to the UN, the global population is expected to increase to 9 billion over the next 40 years and that population is at the centre of the debate about issues around climate change, water resources and the destruction of biodiversity.   Food security is intrinsically linked to farming practice and the preservation of soil, and it is an issue that affects every human being.

It is with this in mind that we invite you to a private media screening of a global documentary called Dirt!.  The movie, narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis, brings to life the environmental, economic, social and political impact that the soil has on our future.  It shares the stories of experts from around the world who study the impact of soil degradation on our very existence.

Don’t be confused. English also has a word for the “living, breathing skin”, unique to this planet, that has a negative connotation. Soil. But this is a positive film that traces the formation of ‘dirt’ over the millennia, how it has shaped us (at every burial we are reminded that we are dust) and how it features in many cultures’ folktales. Of course it is the very substance that sustains us – providing food, shelter, implements, warmth, even giving our wines their distinctive tastes if experts are to be believed. Its humorous and engaging tone makes more palatable the caveat that, even in our deceptively environmentally-conscious world, this common or garden stuff matters as much as the air that we breathe, and gives examples of diverse, exciting and innovative projects where people are getting their hands dirty… and enjoying it.

Woolworths have donated two sets of double tickets to the screening of DIRT! At Nu Metro in the V&A Waterfront on Sunday 15 August 2010, at 16h00 hours, to give away to the first two people who email me and tell me that they want them.

Simple. Just email raoul [at] as quickly as you can…


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