August 13, 2010

Live what you love…


I found this very, very groovy picture on Kim Gray’s page and instantly found association to it. Added to this was a brief conversation (from my side, I got a pretty decent amount back) about being an “island” with someone this week. I am sports obsessive, yes. I am quite happy to say that what I do sports wise is not normal and without a doubt, not what I expect anybody else to understand or duplicate. There are days when it must be super tough being my housemate, when I get back from a crazy 7 hour bike ride and have an hour to run in the afternoon.

Living with someone who spends that much time in lycra cannot be easy to explain to others, especially when I have a tendency to sleep in my compression gear in all seasons. My poor neighbours. The stories they must tell of their neigbour who walks around in long white tights on summer mornings before going riding his bike for an entire day.

But I LOVE it.

7 Hours go by in a flash when the reasons are right and the joy is there. 7 Hours in the car is death for me. Feels like an entire week. A month if I am mildly tired. I will also lose 7 hours in the office in a flash if I am busy doing fun, inspiring stuff. 1 hour of admin, however, may destroy the entire week.

Most people know what they like. If we take the current bastardization of the word on Facebook even that will lose its value over time. What you love, really love, however, is another matter entirely. Most people will tell you they love this and love that, but the usage is incorrect. To really love something and to make that a part of your daily life is one of the simplest secrets to happiness.

Have a great weekend. I am going to pedal my bicycle for roughly 11 hours tomorrow through the Baviaanskloof. It should be a fun day. Certain hours will take days but in the end, the day will merely be a few hours with mates out in the middle of nowhere, talking, laughing, suffering in unison. Fun boys stuff, you know.

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Andy Croly
August 13, 2010 at 9:50 am

Another truely inspiring article and i suppose only appreciated by those who understand why they would prefer to go to bed at 8pm on Friday so they’re feeling good enough to enjoy the entire day on the bike on Saturday, skipping the rugby, missing a friend’s braai, and getting home to go to bed early so they can do it all over again on Sunday.

Thank you.


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