September 10, 2010

The 5 Rules for Epic Crazy Awesome Adventures


Today is just a short, fun post. Yes, it’s a list. But hey, I am tired, so you get a list. Deal with it. The five biggest lessons I have made in my trips, discoveries and crazy exploratory exploits are, in no particular order:

Fear not the fall – If you don’t fall from time to time you are not pushing the limits of what’s possible for you. Push the limits where the soil is soft, and there is not a 1000 foot drop-off to the left, capeesh?

Pack light – On our Unsupported Tour in 2009, I packed the lightest. It was a blessing and I have even thought of ways to pack lighter for this years trip. Sure, I smelt a little by the end and my clothes needed a proper wash, but hey, it was rough out there and everyone was too tired to care. Packing light is always right. I truly do NOT need everything you are taking with you. I am constantly finding ways to travel lighter, better and with less clutter, in all areas of my life.

Take a mate – when the proverbial truly hits the fan, a mate is there to finely balance the weights of HTFU and STFD. True story. Besides, who else is going to validate the absolute awesomeness that went down on that time in that place with that dude and this rotweiler?

Eat smart – Take the most calorie dense food you can. Bulky food takes up space and relates to packing light. Take stuff that makes or mixes easily or serves a dual purpose. Rehidrate is one of those products that is essential to travel. It’s muti for so much as well as being essential for moving forward. Make risotto cakes and take nougat – slow release high density foods.

Walk slowly – Have a slow down, look back at where you have come from and when you have to walk, do it slowly. Smell the air, the plants, the soil. Look around you. When going fast, make sure to do so with gusto but when going slow, slow all the way down and appreciate where you are.

Have a great weekend. My uber special personality will be back next week. In the meantime, click the banner to your right and vote for me in the Blog Awards. Your pet would vote too, so come back tomorrow and vote again, capeesh?

One Comment on “The 5 Rules for Epic Crazy Awesome Adventures

September 12, 2010 at 9:55 am

#6)use the 5-7 day weather forecasts
#7)take a camera
#8)leer net so ‘n bietjie afrikaans/ndifuna ukufunda isiXhosa (location dependant)
#9)1:50 000 maps are R11.50 at dept of land survey – make good wallhangings too
#10)friends don’t let friends ride with tubes(this is becoming less of a problem)


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