September 16, 2010

Compression Rules

We all know I am sponsored by Rockets Compression and that in the past, I have used a compression sock for Ironman runs. There is a bit of a story to how I got there. I blistered horribly in my first Ironman. I was told to find a set of double layered socks. I found a set, they were amazing and they were compression, knee high socks too. So despite feeling like a tool, I used them in races. Since then, I have found even better socks from X-Bionic and will be going back to running without them. I am completely behind the idea of compression for recovery, but as of yet not convinced they make a difference in the race beyond the looking like a tool part.

I am also not huge on the idea of seeing people walk around in compression socks and shorts all week before the race. As much as I love triathletes, they have some funny fashion habits. Compression everywhere on race week is a highlight and I have yet to see the difference.

Last night I came across what Terenzo Bozzone has dubbed the official rules of Compression Socks. Quite entertaining and quite right, methinks.

Here follows the progression of the self conversation. Enjoy…





A pearl of wisdom. Race with one sock yo, so we know you have a weakness and can lean on it…


Sneaky triathletes, don’t use this excuse.


There we go. If you have to, don the Speedo and crocs and compression sokkies and enjoy.

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