September 23, 2010

Why do we love cycling?


Why do we love riding bikes so much? What is the attraction, and why on earth does it feel so much better than playing golf?

Is it the element of self driven speed? Which other sport propels you forward as fast on your own power? I cannot think of too many mainstream sports, apart from skiing downhill super mega ultra fast, that propel you as fast.

Is it the element of adventure, especially when it comes to mountain biking? The idea of being so close to nature that at times, you bury you nose right into the soft sand (much to the delight of those around you). The idea of exploration into “wild” areas. That is a very westernized idea, because for many societies, they live that close to nature, ALL the time.

Is it the element of danger? There is something which releases when I am bombing down a descent at 60km/h, especially on the mountain bike. That element of overcoming for survival, because let’s face it, you come off at that speed and you may end up taking a perma-nap.

Is it the camaraderie that is experienced on group rides? Belonging to something bigger than yourself?

Whatever your reasons, we love cycling because it’s easy, simple and gets your quite far out. For me, I love everything about cycling. The gear, the adventure, the danger, the solitude, the speed, the exploration and at times, the love in a group of cyclists.


2 Comments on “Why do we love cycling?

morne van Greunen
September 23, 2010 at 1:19 pm

You forgot about the pain…we love that 2!


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