September 28, 2010

A mere rambling…

There are times when you may have to chase back to where you may just have been, when a “life” mechanical forced you out of where you were, comfortably sitting, just a moment ago.

Like Spartacus, who shows immense descending ability in the video above to bridge after getting a flat, you may need to take some risks to avoid getting left behind. I personally rode with Fabian once, from the top of Llundudno into Camps Bay, when he had a flat but decided it was only 10km home, so he rode that downhill into Camps Bay with a flat back wheel. No hassles, he has the skills and understands where his strength lies. He is a pretty amazing rider. Here is a pic from that ride..


That was a fun day, with Stu O’Grady, Bob Julich, Fabian Cancellara, Luke Roberts & myself, Collin & Hugh Basel along for the tow. As unfit as they would be all year, there was just an amazing effortlessness about the way they pedaled their bikes. The day before, I had spent 2 hours riding behind Andy Shleck, who came in 2nd this year at Le Tour. Even then, a new signing to the team, Bjarne Riis told us he would be good enough to win Le Tour in just a few years. I spent a few downhills bridging the gap that day when they disappeared up the climbs of Stellenbosch.

My riding is totally different now to what it was then, but still there is no way I would even get close if they put the hammer down. I could probably outrun them at the marathon though. Well, I keep telling myself that. I also made them ride in the back of my bakkie, along with the owner of Cervelo, Phil White. True story, check it out…


Anyway, this is now turning into a ramble, without much point. There is no point to this other than to share a memory.

I know how fortunate I was to ride with the CSC guys that week. In the small Camps Bay ride, we had multiple Olympic Champions, Tour de France podium finishers and Spartacus, who had won Paris Roubaix, Prologues in the Tour and was only just beginning to show his power. I live a lucky life, I know this. It doesn’t escape me.

But I yearn for more…

Be great out there.

One Comment on “A mere rambling…

morne van Greunen
September 28, 2010 at 7:14 pm

Man…that must have been such an awesome experience! Hectic! Shot 4 sharing! Enjoy the eating, resting, traveling etc. the next couple of weeks! O ja and the racing!

Peace out



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