October 9, 2010

It finally arrives


5pm. Night before the race. This kit has been a nightmare to get made and its still not 100% what I ordered (was supposed to be all white, no black on the top) but it’s done with the people who made this possible. Puma, Gamin, Fairbairn Private Bank & New Media Labs. The kit went from California to Colorado, to Hawaii and then got lost, so we had to send for new kit this week to Honolulu to get branded and here, so I had to go without the all white as this was all that was on hand. Not perfect, but its amazing nonetheless. I am using the quad compressors as well, for something different and for extra sun protection on the legs.

Time for dinner, then to bed… tomorrow night I`ll be able to show you the entire day via Garmin Connect, apart from the swim. Contrary to what so many athletes do, I hate having cumulative time during the day as it distracts from being in the moment, so I am racing with my Edge 705 on the bike and running with the Forerunner 310XT separately. Weather looks good, around 30-35 degrees out there, with winds to keep it interesting. 30-40km/h gusts down from Hawi to Waikoloa.

Typical weather for the Ironman.

Remember, this is why we are out there…

Failure is not going to get into my head. Here is the bit you are going to love:

I cannot fail, because I am only going out there to race myself. I cannot lose or come second, because I am going to go out there and DEMAND everything from myself, because I owe it to myself. That is why I cannot fail. Once you learn this, one of the biggest lessons in life, you too will drop from watching the others, racing the others and you will too learn that the greatest competitor you will EVER face, is yourself.

I am going halfway across the globe to put myself in the toughest conditions ever, to race myself in the place that brings out the deepest, darkest moments to the very front of your mind like a sledgehammer beating on your forehead, because I want to know what it’s like to look myself in the eye and wipe away every morsel of doubt, every fear I have ever had and smash through it. I want to run through the pain and into pure release, glory personified with a blank stare running back to Alii Drive where that finishline will not define me, where it will be an Ellipsis before my simple life carries on.

I am going to go and smash my second place into a million pieces so that there is only a 1st place left for me. There may be 1800 competitors out there in Kona on raceday, but I am racing only 1 of them…

So when you ask me what my goals are, when you ask me if I am ready, if I am scared, the answers are here for all to see. Now watch that video again, go find yourself in the moment and race yourself, completely in your own world, where nobody is visible but the barrier that is stopping you from becoming the absolute best version of yourself.

Bring. It. On. For every one of us tomorrow. Bring. It. On.

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