October 17, 2010

Week Catch-Up

What a week that has gone by. Thought to drop an array of thoughts, facts and figures before its out. Below is first up, the run of Ironman. 3:24 for a slightly long run, but if you click through you will see the moving time is 3:13 and you should be able to see the short and long potty stops. 11 minutes of lost time, but that was what it was. I am still proud to have run a 3:13 ex potty stops with a seriously bloated stomach and hyponatremia. I am excited to see what I could run on a great day now. I am thinking under 3:05 on a good day.

…then I spent the week hobbling around with bad, oozing toes, which have subsided and I have now been for 2 short runs and all seems to be ok. Have ridden and swum every day until today, which has been interesting in its own, training the week after Ironman. Tough, but the legs did come back.

The afterparty was great. Yes, the skinny dipping tradition continued. Thanks to the Specialized crew who were part of the madness and respect to driving the crazies around the island looking for stuff to do at 3am.

Today we went exploring and man, this island is amazing. In 7 hours we did sunshine, clouds, rain, lava rock, lunar landscape, tropical rainforest, pine forest, Scotland landscape, true KZN style areas, flowing Karoo outbacks, dry desert, and the beach. Crazy, but here on Big Island you get 13 of the worlds 14 climates, all on 1 island. It varied from 10 degrees celcius to 35 as well. Crazy.


It, by the way, is not possible to jump over a waterfall, as witnessed in this awesome picture. Them Puma’s are bright and have had so many compliments about them. Another impossible thing is to summons whales from the highway, desperate as I tried…


What there is here though, is ALOT of climbing on the bike. Check this for a ride, which we did on the Zula’s this week…

1300m climbing in 30 odd kilometers. It was so beautiful up above the clouds. We are going back there tomorrow. Excited. Got some new tires which are the bizniz and thanks to Dan for that. It’s been a joy to hang out with him as well after the interview we did a week or so ago, which was actually done way before I left.

Having TheHousemate here has been easy too. He has left the world of financial business at home and has trained up a storm. He is going to suprise himself next weekend in Maui, when we are racing this. Have met Tommy, who has won the Double (Ironman + Xterra combined time) and he is about 7 minutes up on me. Really too bad I had a bad day out at Ironman, because its doubtful I will put 7 minutes into him at Xterra, but I am going out there leaving nothing on the course, going ALL IN, just a hairs breath short of full retard to make it happen. I am looking forward to being on the fabled course and all it has to offer.

That’s really it for this week. Been a great, eventful, busy one. Going to watch Jackass 3D tonight for some light entertainment. Should be amazing. Chat on Monday…

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