November 1, 2010


What defines normal? I have had so many people tell me that surely, today things are back to normal for me? Work in the office, regular training (or surely, a break!) and regular stuff all around. All sounds very normal but in fact, its all but.

Traveling has become normal to me now. Having all day to myself – that is normal to me now. If anything, today is completely abnormal. I am having to do admin, catch up on tons of email, make appointments, deal with forgotten stuff, bikes arriving, racing this weekend, etc all in today as well as catch up a month’s worth of back and forth with all my guys and girls I coach, all the people I speak to for work, etc.

Normal is purely what has been circumstantial for the last few weeks, if you ask me.

I am, however, happy to be back and getting back to making this routine normal.

Back to daily blogging, for your pleasure, of course. This week there will be loads of the normal stuff including food, life, balance, inspiration & some helpful info on simplicity. Stay tuned, there is much interesting info to come…

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November 1, 2010 at 1:45 pm

Happy you are back!


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