November 3, 2010 Fundraiser Next Week


I came across this on return and have booked a ticket for this fantastic event. Giving back to the community is great, but if you can do it and ride with some World Champions (and that Dan Hugo guy) then it’s even better. Combining a passion and a cause together into one day… molo!

If you’re in the Cape, please consider joining us for a fun day with Christoph Sauser, Burry Stander and Dan Hugo. After Triple Challenge this weekend I`ll no doubt be hanging off the back of the group, shouting “PIANO PIANO!!” at Suzi, Bolt & The Model (you work it out) but at least I`ll make up for entertainment value. I, for one, always get excited to hang with world champions.

The ride should be super fun, the evening will interactive and entertaining and its for a great project that’s been making an impact in young lives for some time now. Please spread the word.

I’ll see you there.

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