November 3, 2010

Xterra Maui _ In Detail.

So much awesomeness, this new toy of mine, my 310XT. I have never been able to review any race as thoroughly as this. Here follows swim, bike, run as well as transitions.



I clearly swam about double the distance. I was told to swim with it in my cap for a better reading, but this comes out pretty good. 1500m swim with a 100m beach run, more or less. Thanks to Conrad for the suit to swim in, after somehow forgetting my RS1 at home. I misread the rules and understood that like Ironman, where I swam in my Perform suit, we would not be allowed these speed suits in Maui.

You can see I was completely focused on the race at this point…

Transition 1:

T1 takes a while in Maui. It’s a run out the water, over the beach, through the golf course and into T1. Put on socks, mountain bike shoes & gloves, helmet and off you go up the hill to the exit.



There are some ugly numbers in there up some of those climbs. I was digging SO deep and not really managing to get anywhere. Nice to see how to course runs with the mapping feature and the overlaying land.

Transition 2:

Short & Fast…



Spot the areas where I walked! hahaha. I was a broken man, surviving with a grimace and a shuffle by this point…

In the end, it was all purely to get to this point…


Again, a biggest thank you to Fairbairn Private Bank, Garmin, Puma, New Media Labs, Morewood, Orca, Biosport, Rockets, Whasp and the never ending support from everyone who reads this blog.

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November 3, 2010 at 10:58 am

Awesome race and fantastic piccies – saw how focused you were on your exit from the swim! Looking forward to Triple Challenge this weekend – can I get your stuff to transition area for you ….. hee hee …. THAT will NEVER happen again, I promise you!


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