November 8, 2010

What is FULL BODY Composition?


As I sit here today, I am pretty sore and walking funny, with an interesting balance of sore muscles, locked hip, 1 toenail (the other is hanging on for dear life), cuts and bruises (hugged a tree on the ride yesterday) but in the end, I handled yesterday far better than I expected. Having now done Ironman, Xterra and then yesterday’s 4 hour suffer fest in the space of 4 weeks is either stupid or testament to what I have been working on SO hard all year.

Body Composition.

I can show you truly amazing bodies out there. Perfection. Yet the guy or girl will constantly be sick or have injury niggles all the time. I know people who are super mega ultra fit who get cold sores, struggle with sinus all year and I even heard the story of a pro athlete who had an entire season destroyed because of a mild tooth infection he was unaware of.

Full body composition requires a few elements for me:

1. Nutrition – eat REAL food.

2. Stress – stress management is probably the most important skill of our time.

3. Regular sleep – 8 hours, boys and girls.

4. Prehab – yes, pre. Regular work on your ligament structure, muscle flexibility and suppleness as well as massage to pick up niggles before they are even niggles is something I have taken in a large way this year. My work with Biosport has changed me as an athlete, able to recover faster and get through the craziest year with the maddest training without 1 injury.

5. Consistency – I don’t add mega miles to a weekly schedule, unless I am in a specific “camp” week. Consistency in training can be a little boring and you may not see the big rewards in the moment, but you cannot do without it if you want to get the body as strong as possible.

6. Scheduled recovery – when I have to chill, I chill ALL OUT.

This is the only way to ensure full body wellness. That does not mean your muscles look great. It means you have a functional intestinal system with a “regular” gut, a skin & hair system where your hair shines, nails shine and grow fast and your skin is blemish free as well as a hormonal system which is able to respond to the training stimulus. Add to this that your blood is healthy and that your organs are functioning superbly and you get the overall FULL BODY composition picture.

When taking the approach to living long and healthy, it’s essential to consider all these things, not just your muscles…

I think that all the racing I did this year could only have been done by taking care of ALL those things. Yes, it costs a little more but really, I am in this because of the journey and the journey is pretty awful when you keep getting sick, having to reset goals and ambitions because of injuries and can’t race your favorite races when you are so run down with stress that you think you`re having heart attacks.

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