November 10, 2010



Close your eyes the next time you are running (or at least zone out so you avoid the poles).

Listen to your body.

Hear what it is telling you. It talks to you. Are you listening?

The slightest nuances are signs – of a struggle, or of harmony. Your body will tell you everything you need to know to have the perfect run, each and every time you venture out there. It will tell you which speed you should be running, how hard it wants to breathe today. If you are really in tune, it will even lead you down new roads onto undiscovered routes, heightening the sense of adventure, something it truly loves.

Are you listening?

Perhaps take a step back. Find a quiet space. Turn of all the plugs, the radio, the lights and sit on a soft towel. Close your eyes and breathe. Mentally run through each and every part of your body, checking for signs of fatigue, of tightness in the muscle, of limited movement. Imagine your body in full motion, running effortlessly down your favorite road/path/route, feeling light, like you are floating across the way. Take deep note of what that feels like and remember it when you head out the door next time.

Listen to what your body is telling and remember how it felt when you were floating. Take yourself from one to the other, listening for the signs that are holding you back.

Now go…

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