November 12, 2010

31 and counting…

I cannot get enough of the following two clips this year. Constant inspiration to improve…

A year ago I wrote this, which got many positive responses at the time. I have been sitting here all day trying to work out what to write, 365 days later.

It’s been a year where I learned how to suffer, properly. I rode in the wild of Africa with a hole in my hand. I ran until my body took over my mind and cramped in every muscle in my body. I rode in the snow where I could not get my hands off the handlebars to get to the brakes.

I learned this year how to be me in simplest form, for the oh so much better. I credit the gift of the books of Ayn Rand as a way for me to better understand myself as a start. I spent time watching my parents, to better learn about myself. They hold so many of the keys to understanding ourselves. I studied the basics of minimalism and how to apply it purposefully.

I stopped and smelled the roses in every sense of the phrase, in every location I was fortunate enough to travel. I took in the delicacies of every wine I drank, I savored the flavor of each bite of every meal with a new vigor. I deconstructed what makes me really happy. I went in deep and removed the emotions that held me to my past. I am now a wine and food snob. My sister and I can sit and smell a glass of wine for hours. It’s a thing of simple beauty.

I found a love for racing that had long left me. There is a 4 year old boy racer in every one of us and I fed him all the action he could stomach this year.

I laughed. Man, did I laugh in the last year.

I surprised myself. Time and time again. Most surprising was how much easier life got when I stopped saying sorry for stuff I wasn’t really sorry about. I was surprised how people understood this, and that being really sorry is quite a big emotion and should not be expected from people. For every 100 times someone says sorry to me, I would imagine 1 or 2 are truly heartfelt. They are doing it so that I won’t take whatever they said personally, but this year, I beat them to it. Sure, I am more blunt, direct and quite intense, but I get a lot more out of people this way, by not being so sorry about it all the time.

I had a lot of me time. It was good time. I hadn’t realized how much of it I was lacking in the diet.

I stopped feeling the need to explain to people why I was doing things that were off their “norm”. I tried to enforce all the things I talk about – compound good decisions, simplification, real food, good sleep, laughter, breathing, walking slowly and being completely mindful rather than emotional.

I could keep going because it’s been a year of enormous things, completing enormous tasks and truly having a full time journey on my hands which gave me such a simply good “busy” and really just crazybeautiful filled with crazybeautiful moments, sounds, smells, tastes and sights. The crazybeautiful year, really.


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