November 15, 2010



Slow it down. There is a mad rush around me at the moment. It’s year end. It’s summer rushing in with high beams on. Breathe and walk slowly.

I had one of those weekends which lasted a lifetime. I am still processing quite a lot of it.

Being a birthday weekend there was a fair amount of fun in there. We danced, we sang, we celebrated. We laughed. Man, did we laugh…

It’s safe to say that I feel younger at 31 than I did at 21. Although I would have to say, had I been put through some of this weekend’s situations at 21, I would have failed miserably. Experience counts for quite a bit and this can only be learned through making enough mistakes to know not to do them in future, when they really may count. So yeah, my parents were right, all those years when they told me that. Who would have thought, right?

Tonight will be the first training session in a while for me that doesn’t have anything to do with taper or transition. It’s been a while. I am a little nervous. Of course I still get nervous. Not one single human being on the planet is free of self doubt. It’s how we channel it that’s important. The next few months will continue to challenge me in new ways, ways that I have purposefully set out to help me nurture the work that is done into the success that I can look back on, someday.

If you know me well, you will be smiling right now, because you`ll understand how amazing a space that is for me to be in.

Tomorrow will be spent discussing the splits and tech behind the Triple Challenge Garmin data. I`ll show you what that sound was you heard when my body blew to smithereens out there on the course. We should also be able to see where I was standing in my hole pondering how I was going to get to the finish. Till then…

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November 16, 2010 at 1:38 am

Enjoy the new territory in your training – it’s still part of the learning curve. Hey, us oldies are STILL on the learning curve. Unless there is something new to learn you may as well pack it in!


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