November 16, 2010

Triple Challenge Broken Down

That was the first run. Far too hard for my tired body. The pace slowed once I realised I was not going to get rid of the other 3 guys. I put in a big kilometer at 20km after dropping a little on the last hill. I knew I could make it back on the tar as I was the fastest on the flats all day. I rushed through T1 onto the bike, where the evidence is more clear…

Once you dig into the file, you will see that at about 1hr, my body said it had had enough. Heart rate dropped about 10 beats and 36km I had a little stand by the side of the road, and again at 46km. Once to fix a spoke, the other was merely to convince myself to keep going. Those 2 minutes cost me the race, but really I was a ragdoll in the ring with Ali at this point.

Kilometer 4 – there you will find my “standing in a hole in full spasm” minute on the run. I was moving well otherwise, managing the cramps. One of the best minutes of my life, undoubtedly.

Thanks to Garmin, this information is amazing. I found a 3D mapping tool I am playing with for future reports.

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