December 2, 2010

The Journey

How’s that ad there? So good. Local is lekker! Produced here, in Jozi.

So the ad is preaching that life is about the journey. Heard that in a few places lately, I am sure. It’s quite the “in” thing to say. But really, what does it mean? For me, Life is a Journey, Not a Destination is more than a line from a Guns ‘n Roses song. Here are a few examples for me:

1. Improvement is never over. There is always scope for more.
2. You`ll get further by doing things at 70-75% of your maximum capacity than by going at short busts of 90-100% effort. Like a good diesel engine…
3. The finish line, at any race, ever, just will not ever, ever be enough. If you believe any different, you are part of the problem.
4. As the process of training is ongoing, so the process of recovery needs to be ongoing. Sleeping and resting, is a big part of the journey too.

I don’t want this to turn into a major list thing. I realise you are busy, it’s almost year end and you just want to keep your head down and pop out on the first day of holiday, but really, stop what you are doing right now, close your eyes for a few minutes and just lose yourself in the moment.

As you were….

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