December 7, 2010

Moving on.

It’s one of those inevitable moments. Someone dear to us moves on, their lives here, over. It leaves us feeling raw, hard, empty.

Today I felt the need to be inspired myself. I went to bed last night with bad news. That people were about to be heart broken. That a daughter would have to miss her mom on so many occasions moving forward, that a husband was about to lose his soul mate. I woke up to confirmation of the news, the emptiness leaving a bitter taste in my throat. Somehow, about 15min ago, I remembered where the inspiration for the day would come from.

It was a note, passed on to my mother, from Annie, who left us yesterday. She, from time to time, would find this blog, most likely through links sent on through my mom, who is the ultimate mom, the only marketing machine a boy ever needs. It referred to this which I wrote just before the Hawaii trip.

In it she said the words inspired her in her race against her monster. That monster is now lying in a corner somewhere, thinking the fight is over, utterly spent from fighting the greatest opponent it ever fought. But it’s wrong, because the rest of us have only just woken to the challenge. It will never win. It’s strength will never match our love, our passion for life and our willingness to stand up for life and shout from the rooftops that we want ALL of it. The race of life will never be over because the inspiration was just that – that life is never over. The race goes on. That the fight will always go on and that her legacy to us is to appreciate every moment, in the moment. Not to stop and smell the roses, but to stop and take in every molecule in that rose with a smile, a laugh and the appreciation for how absolutely incredible that rose really is.

The grand scheme of things is lost on us. Today, that is my inspiration. In the grand scheme of things, I feel very inspired, very privileged and truly grateful, for all that life has already given me. I intend to make sure that it’s merely the tip of the iceberg.

To my great extended family who are all touched by this, let us go out and make sure the fight is never over.

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