December 10, 2010

Hello there, Friday.


Is it just me or is the year running away now with really, only 2 types of people left in all office spaces:

1. PROcrastinators
2. Crammers

Personally I am cramming everything into the last few days. So much to do and really, not enough time to get it done. As such we are rushing and at times, missing small details here. Frustrating but really hoping for some quiet time over the weekend to regroup and get some work done while the world sleeps.

Last week I went for a stroll with the team from RedEspresso. They have a beautiful post up about it HERE with some great photos. It was wonderful to take the guys up there and share a truly special place in Cape Town. You can also find more detail on the ledge on and remember to keep the people signing up and voting for you – there is so much content being uploaded you are going to have to be on top of your game there.

It’s been a big week personally as well, what with a major loss to our family, viewing an amazing movie on Wednesday and then the WeLoveRealBeer function last night. Tonight I am off to the farm of one Dan Hugo to do an invitational race organized by his parents every year. Feeling privileged to be there. Also started working with a new coach this week, in a week where I started hardly being able to walk after a fall in Tokai on the weekend. I twisted my ankle pretty badly and only, finally, managed to run 15min on it with relative pain last night.

I also won a year’s worth of free coffee from Vida e Caffe and plan on giving most of it away next year in the hope of connecting and buying some amazing people a coffee every day. More on this once it’s all finalized and you can share in it.

There has been a lot of planning and logistics going on with Epic Unsupported Tour 2: The Return to Hell. Quite a cool crew going this year, with a new route and quite a bit more logistics. TheHousemate has been running up his phonebill like Lindsay Lohan runs up rehab bills trying to sort accommodation, food & peace of mind. The nutrition logistics this year are proving toughest as we are going to go around 3 days without seeing society or a shop, so making sure there is breakfast and dinner at stays requires at times, people to give us dry dinner to log for 100km through the Karoo for a day before cooking it when we get to our next stop. Add all the energy drinks, bars & gels needed for 3 days out there and it’s amazing what you can plan to leave out of your pack. Minimalism in best form, this trip.

Have a new bike arriving Monday, pretty stoked. More details when its built.

Found this in a link this morning. Just beautiful. Random share, I know, but it’s worth the click.

Having been in the office since 7am this morning, I am putting this up early and yes, it’s a bit all over the place but I have yet to have a second coffee and have some cramming to get done today. Thank goodness for lists. Without them, I would be a sight for sore eyes right now. Have a great weekend and see you out there.

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