December 17, 2010

Taking a break

So later today I am leaving on our yearly trip. I have decided not to have auto posted information for the next 10 days on here. Instead, I am giving simple instructions on where to click to check up on how we are going through the most amazing areas of the Western Cape, by power of our own feet. I want to be disconnected and part of that means taking a break from blogging here too. Just a week or so. I am sure it`ll all be ok.

It’s been such a year. If I look back at how I felt going into the trip last year vs how I am going into this one, I cannot explain what an amazing year I have had, in every sphere of my life. From falling in love with racing again, to pushing the physical limits beyond, to starting work at NML and the WeLove project, to the Hawaii trip, to the amazing friends I have made this year, the complete and utter surprise of meeting someone very special late in the year, it’s been a killer year. I have to send out some very special thank you’s before I sign off until 28 December for a last bit of awesomeness to 2010.

To Fairbairn Private Bank for seeing the vision, thank you.

To Puma for always having me in the finest gear and throwing the most insane parties & being totally committed to the cause to produce the finest sports gear on the planet, thank you.

To Garmin, an addition late in the year, thank you for making the Hawaii trip possible.

To Morewood & Ceepo, a thank you for having me on the best bikes in the world.

To Whasp for being the best nutrition a guy can use when it goes into hour 5 and the rest tastes pretty awful, thank you.

To Jack Black Beer, for having the best recovery product on the market. Thank you.

To Biosport, wow, you kept this body in one piece this year. Thank you.

To Rockets, you made recovery just that bit easier. Thank you.

To Orca, for producing the fastest wetsuit in the world. Thank you.

To my mates, parents and TheHousemate, for putting up with me when I am tired, or hungry, or even worse, both. Thank you.

To YOU, yes YOU, reading this. Support for the idea behind Urban Ninja is what keeps it going. It’s not about me, this place, even if I write it in the first person. The agenda’s and issues raised are things we ALL go through. I want to push you by pushing myself. Thank you.

Every month I am humbled by the support I get. I never take it for granted and in 2011, we are going to take it to the next level, I promise.

In the next week, check out photos from the trip on the Urban Ninja Posterous Account or on my personal Twitter account.

So long. It will never be goodbye…

One Comment on “Taking a break

morne van greunen
December 17, 2010 at 4:40 pm

Have an awesome & safe trip! Will miss the blogs the next few days, but looking forward to 2011! Also got JB on Sunday, then +- 2 weeks R&R/partying before IM training starts in Jan oooooo can’t wait! Congrats on a fantastic year!



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