January 3, 2011

Twenty Eleven


Welcome back (for me, at least). It’s a brand new day. A transition from yesterday. Sure, there was a celebration in the middle, a reason to take in all that life has to offer and offer it some regrets in return the next day, but truly, another day has passed and with it, we get to reflect on the past 364 of them and judge ourselves a little, then make plans for the next 364.

Some of us like to make resolutions this time of the year. Some would say its the best way to be accountable later, some would say its easier to benchmark, but really, these new year resolutions should be a challenge. Make it tough. Stretch your limits damnit! Why would you spend another year operating at 65% effort toward average goals. If you could get 65% of the way to some lofty, challenging and extremely high set goals, then you`ll be more than 100% of the way to your average goals.

For me, Twenty Eleven is already quite planned out and the execution is going to be the task, as there is quite a schedule at hand. Most of you would look at the racing schedule and tell me I am mad. The rest of you will tell me I am totally crazy to try and balance that with work, Urban Ninja and what with other side projects, like Pure Planet Racing.

You are probably right.

But my better, is better than your better.

This year I am operating at a new resonance, opting to raise awareness for a fantastic cause. The cause is backed by some amazing people who believe in the idea. They are going to help with the execution and you will be seeing a lot more of us, everywhere you go.

So rather than type out a list of what’s about to happen, I want you to simply watch this space and take note, take heed and really, help us make the change…

Hold your seats kids, it’s about to get very very real. 2010 was a year that I am extremely proud of, personally. I am proud of my country, proud of my friends, my family, where Urban Ninja has gone, of the work I am doing at NML, of the direction we are taking with Kleinhoekkloof and I am proud of you. In 2011, we are going to blow the lid off this perceived ceiling and look back in a year’s time and go……………………………………………………………………………………………………….WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! That was truly awesome.

Let’s do this…

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