January 6, 2011

Sacrifice & possibility

There is just something simple about riding a bike, about sports. There is something pure about seeing what’s possible. Where the limits are. As Lance says in the video… “Who says?” – I love that. Who says I can’t ride further? Who dares tell me where I can ride and where I cannot ride? Who has the audacity to tell me where I can go with my life?

In 2010 there was many a sacrifice to be made to get to the goals for the year, which were virtually all achieved. Sleeping when others were partying (I did party properly hard when the time allocation was there though). Riding in the rain, 6 weekends in a row, while others slept in. Selling much loved possessions to afford race entries like Cape Epic, Sani2c & Ironman before sponsors came on board. Throwing my body down mountains knowing I would fall and get hurt, because I knew there was a skill level required to be where I wanted to in races.

In the end, all the training, all the sacrifice, all the preparation merely puts you in the zone, not even in the game. So much can happen, to ruin all of that. We train, we sacrifice, we prepare with hope for a possibility. There are no guarantees, let’s face it. There is only hope. It’s the same with work, with love. Especially with love. Compromise, sacrifice, all in hope. There are no guarantees and you may get hurt (just like throwing myself down a mountain on a bike), but if you don’t, you end up with open hands facing the sky, screaming in full pure release till your lungs hurt in amazepenguinballerness happiness.

“Be at the front, and hope for a little luck”. You have to put yourself in the area where that bit of luck can find you. If you are hidden and don’t poke your head out the front, you will never find that spark which is going to ignite the moment to greatness. I truly believe that. Go the extra mile. Put in the extra work. Be that bit more understanding. Luck will find you only if you are willing to stand out from the crowd.

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