January 14, 2011

Finding Speed in the Molasses

So recently I have started including speedwork into my sessions, much to my dismay and with much encouragement from the new coach. The hope is to add some top end speed to the stuff I am doing with Xterra races and some mountain biking races in there as well, as well as a more 1/2 Ironman orientated focus for the first 6 months of the year.

After two years of steady state work and no high heart rate stuff I can tell you that it hurts more than I like to explain. I doubt myself at the start of each workout and wonder how I am going to get through this without giving up. Case in point this week were the following workouts:

12 x 1min K*KOFF Cycling Intervals. Basically, 12 x 1min as hard as I can go, try to hold a good average wattage on the power meter and try to finish strong, not coughing up a lung. Easier said than done…

12 x 1min Zone 5 - HR monitor absent by raouldejongh at Garmin Connect - Details_1295006532271

I did not manage to get stronger as I went, in terms of max power, but a better average power was achieved once I settled and learned how release it more like a slow puncture than a total blowout. This session had my legs sore for a good few hours afterward. It felt like they were throbbing.

Next up was this morning, running 10 x 30seconds at a virtual sprint, but coach assures me its not a sprint, just almost. Ja dude, whatever. Don’t take a fat kid to a cake party and tell him he can’t dig in. I thought to myself that 3min per km would be ideal, considering that I am tired at the moment, ALL THE TIME. Did I mention these intervals are hard? Who took away my steady state riding and running, where I could admire the scenery?

Oh wait…

I did.

Anyway, here is the chart.

10 x 30sec efforts by raouldejongh at Garmin Connect - Details_1295006353098

There is a missed interval in there – must have been running too fast for the satellite to keep up. pffffffft. 10 x 30sec around 2:45 per km it ended up at with 60sec recoveries. For the more technical minded guys, the efforts were always on 200m per 30seconds. Quite stoked with that. It’s been a while since I saw anything under 3min per km.

Maybe there is something to finding speed in the molasses. It’s in there somewhere, but man, it`s taking it out of me to find it. I have huge applause for the guys who do this on a regular basis, and make my numbers look trivial. They may look big to you, but this is pretty standard stuff and cruising pace for my pro athletes out there.

Back in the very really REAL world, this is merely pretty good for an amateur guy. We train in hope to see improvements, and as Conrad says… “Gooi nog hout!”

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