January 19, 2011

Release it…

I know I know…….. I just love this clip. I use it often.

There is just something about this week. I am excited like I was about to do a full Ironman. Maybe it’s because I haven’t done nearly as much work as would have gone into the prep for a full Ironman. Maybe that element of doubt is there, that element of being unsure how it’s going to go down on race day. This is a relatively short race for me. A new set of competitors. People who can run fast after a bike ride which is not nearly as taxing as the ride at Ironman.

My specialty is going relatively fast for a very extended period of time. But I am throwing that to the wind and going to see what the day brings. I am going out there to represent the warrior poet and delve into the depths of the hurt locker to come out with the best result that I can possibly produce on the day. Am I willing to hurt myself? Of course I am. I am not going to the race to see how easily I can finish. I want to know how fast I can get there and that requires a special kind of effort. One which requires much pain.

Why on earth would I do such a thing? We already have those answers, don’t we…

So if I look calm to you, I am not. I am excited, I am ready to hurt, I am ready to suffer. I am ready to take it to the outer limits and fight you for that place at the finish line. If I look like I am coasting out there, I am not. I am hurting more than you can imagine. I am taking all the pain in and attempting to transfer it to forward movement. If you want to see the release, where all the pain gets exploded into the world, you better get to the finishline ahead of me. I release when I hit that carpet. So should you. Let it ALL hang out. Who cares if the tears come. Who cares if you come 1652nd. RELEASE IT………..

Lose yourself in that moment. You have EARNED it.

The limits exist only in your mind…

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January 25, 2011 at 10:43 am

I delved very deep into that hurt locker on Sunday…it wasn’t pretty!!!

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September 26, 2011 at 9:51 pm

[…] hope that your training has been of such that your nearly but not quite chomping at the bit to release it on race […]


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