February 1, 2011

10 weeks and counting…

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So if you haven’t registered for Ironman South Africa 2011 by now, best to skip it. By now, you should have laid down a foundation for the last sprint towards what will be the longest training day of the year, really. By now, your hopes and dreams are set and you have committed to doing whatever is possible to making it to the finish line in the best condition possible, in the shortest time possible.

If you are racing, here are my tips, from nothing more than personal experience, about how these last 10 weeks go down…

1. Really, you have 7 weeks till peak and taper. Make them count.
2. Get to bed 30min earlier every night.
3. Prepare food for work and make sure you eat a world class lunch every day, in prep for your afternoon session.
4. Make sure you practice race nutrition on long runs and long rides.
5. Go DEEP on fatigue. You will be surprised how much you can handle.
6. Make sure you NAIL your long ride(s) and run every week. Skip the rest and prioritize around these 2 key workouts.
7. Take your significant other out on a date, a proper date, at least once every 10 days. Spoil them.
8. Eat dumbass. Losing 500g is not going to win the race. You need energy to make it through 12 sessions a week.
9. Train for your session coming in 48 hours. Session to session recovery is number 1.
10. Make sure your equipment is 100% with 3 weeks to go.
11. Practice changing a tire, fixing a chain, etc. It may happen to you.
12. Remember that it’s just a race and that it should be fun, but that suffering through the fatigue is an essential part to this “fun”.

I lost you at point 7 right? Make that call, arrange that date…

In the coming weeks you will become more irritable, less awesome and far more appealing as a single person. Check yourself before you wreck yourself…

Push yourself to your absolute limits, but be aware where you are pushing others beyond theirs.

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