February 8, 2011

Bit `o this, Bit `o that.

So a week or so after Xterra Buffelspoort it has been a week about recovery and last weekend it was time to get some larger volume work in and get back into trail running as we slowly approach racing African-X in May. Firstly, here is my file from Xterra, for those who care about these things:

It’s been a big few weeks for my good mate Gringo who has recently taken the reigns at Puma Running South Africa, including a move from Jozi. So a trip around the peninsula on our bikes was a prerequisite to him being welcomed properly. Of course, that needed to be followed by a few Real Beers as a truly Capetonian welcome. If you are new to Cape Town, let me know. I will show you the same hospitality. The ride around the coast here is great. 120km with around 1600m vertical gain on quiet roads with scenery from travel shows as the norm. A great morning and a great reason to live down here.

Another would be the running here and on Sunday I was due for a 20-25km trail run which was supposed to be just a first long run for the year. I found some absolutely incredible horse riding single track next to the Green Belt in Constantia and was in absolute heaven running in the dense forests on dusty singletrack up the hill all the way to Cecilia Forest. All was going well and managed to get all the way across to Constantia Neck and down the hill into an area called De Hel. Ominous I thought. I had no idea.

Trail Run Constantia by raouldejongh at Garmin Connect - Details_1297154870526

Two things happened once I was lost in that forest, climbing on my hands and knees under the overgrown vegetation laughing at myself:

1. I came across the big house in the middle. No fence there. 2 big dogs, however. Protective dogs. A bit of a bad scramble up the hill to avoid getting too close to them resulted in the following injury.
2. On my way out, I came across a white woman living in a shack with her dogs in Constantia. By the look of her, she had been there a while. She had table and chairs out with tea area, etc. She is on an empty plot out in a beautiful area. She was NOT happy to see me.

All in all, a great run, however.

In the last 6 weeks I have learned how to hurt again on the bike and run but this has also left me a bit sore in some new places and needing more pre-hab as such. Maintenance of the suppleness which keeps us injury free. After talking with Dan and a few other people. I have invested in the following kit to help me on the way to non-injury. I am told that there will be excruciating pain and I will be sure to let you know how it goes:


Really the idea is to learn about my niggles and how to balance the body out. In the last week I have fallen off my mtb, run away from dogs, had to dig out a toenail (after losing the same toenail in hawaii last year it was starting to grow into the toe bed) and sliced my finger trying to assemble one of my bikes. I am fully aware that the signs are there. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

I`ll be back tomorrow with something more specific. Today is just a quick post on some arb things going down here in my space. Ciao ciao.

3 Comments on “Bit `o this, Bit `o that.

Leo Rust
February 14, 2011 at 12:57 pm

Hey Raoul
I assume that this is a foam roller of some sort. They are great and form part of my daily (ok most days) routine. the pain is exquisite pretty much like a deep massage. Enjoy.

February 16, 2011 at 1:16 pm

Hey Raoul,

I met you with Dan and the boys + Tyler Butterfield in Maui after the race last year. Dinner before you guys left the following day.

Great to see you on the Trigger Point gear. I run distribution and education in Australia for Trigger Point so if you need any help or info, reach out. Cheers Kristian.

Matt Osborne
February 17, 2011 at 8:26 am

WRT Die HEL, i know a better route there so you dont come across the dogs and crazy women,when entering dont go right……go left,all the way to the tar road….from there you can get to Tokai mostly on dirt, go right you go uphill,1st bit of forest on you your right and that takes you back to Claremont. Chiao


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