February 10, 2011

Strive on.


I started Urban Ninja to inspire people. It has been much more successful than I ever anticipated.

As such, over the last 3 years, people who follow the blog, my twitter and are involved with me have, as such, ramped expectation of me immensely. I really like this. I believe that we should expect the most of people, for they will always disappoint, no matter how low we set our expectations. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes.

Around 9 months ago I was juggling so many balls that sure, I let quite a few slip in the process. It was a messy time. Just yesterday something surfaced from that time which led to me majorly disappointing someone very close to me. It was a vicious reminder of a time where I was not 100% myself. Where I had just come off the 5 craziest months of my life and was very much not living the ethos I put out on this site and try impose on my entire life.

I am human and to be too hard on myself for it is not the way forward. You take the disappointment on the chin, suck up the consequences for what, at the time, was pretty slack action and hopefully, you move forward without looking back too often. Sure, there is trust to rebuild. Sure, there is more work to be done. Absolutely, you have to prove yourself again, no matter how much work you have done in the middle to prove that your trust is well placed. Apologies have been offered and really, I am focused on the present to show that it was an episode, not a series.

C’est la vie. And life is beautiful.

The last week has been an ample reminder of me becoming wrapped up in my complicated life. It has been a reminder to simplify, to continuously unclutter and to avoid the age of distraction, which is what we currently find ourselves in. There will be times when I muck up. I accept that. In the age of perfection often I get lost expecting that from everything when I know that it’s not a possibility and that at some point, there will be disappointment. It does not, however, mean that I don’t strive to get as close as possible.

Strive on people, the highs are higher and lows come fewer and further between…

The errors in training will become less.

The disappointment of falling majorly short of your expectancies, those will become fewer.

The days when you feel that you put in all the effort and it accounts for nothing, it will be months, then years, between them. Strive on. Starting today.

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