February 14, 2011

Kissing the year away.


Today is the day we celebrate cupids, arrows and St Valentine. So why picture of a chair? It’s the personification of simple, effective design.

While I am as big a fan as anyone of a good solid smooch, I am not going to talk about kissing in this way today. I am going to talk about one of those amazing little acronyms called KISS. Many of you will know it as Keep It Simple Stupid. I personally love telling myself this all, the, time! We all like to overcomplicate things. It’s because that is our benchmark in the media, in Desperate Housewives, Lost, all hospital/doctor TV shows and every bit of advertising we are sold.

Maybe that is why I like The Mentalist so much. Its simplification of whats given to you. The answer is already there, just look at it from another angle.

This year, more than others, I am finding the pace of distraction immense. So I have set a few rules going forward which I am going to try to adhere to. Overload leads to distraction and as my always dry and awesome housemate says… “Less haste, more speed”. Here are some of the new ways to find some space for my mind to keep it simple:

1. Email + Twitter off when I get home. If it’s important, a phone call will do at that time.
2. No checking email + twitter until I get into the office in the morning.
3. Time to revisit my room with a few black bags and give away some clothing, shoes, bags and athletic gear.
4. List all my old books onto marketplace and buy a whole load of new e-books for my Kindle.
5. I want to cut almost all TV out of my life.
6. I cut my RSS reader by 40% this morning from areas where I was not getting regular quality information.
7. I am in the process of moving all my various email addresses into 2 addresses in total in 1 location.

Since we, as humans, only remember 7 things at a time, I am ticking off this list first and will then move onto another set of things to simplify.

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