February 16, 2011

Boys Toys


Quite a bit is going on this time of the year in terms of product innovation and new toys being delivered. I always attempt to be progressive and find simple ways to improve my performances without necessarily training more. Some people like to call this “free speed” but really, its hardly ever free. These things cost money. I am fortunate enough to be able to work with some amazing companies to play with the newest, latest and greatest and test them out to see what works.

I like sharing this information. In the last 3 months I have played with a variety of new toys. Many of them didn’t work and some were really fun and worked. Here is a short list of the stuff which has been great to play with:

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The Morewood Kwela 29er (I currently have the only one in the world) has been a fun experience. 29ers are all the rage and it has been quite a learning curve as to where this rage is best located. There are times when my Zula is simply better and times when the 29er is the obvious choice. Tight single track – Zula. Open, flowing stuff, Kwela.

This weekend I am taking both bikes out to Grabouw to test ride the Xterra course on them both and will make the call then which one to use for that specific course. Either way, I am ridiculously spoilt to have the options.


I started running in Puma FAAS500 shoes this week and so far they have been a revelation. I have not felt a shoe that feels so different in the last 10 years. That is my honest opinion and I will stand by it. The Bioride technologies in the shoe are simple and work. They are very well cushioned, they force you to run with a natural motion (i.e. slightly more forward with a fast toe roll off) and they sit super snug on your feet. They are not for heavy overpronators but if you are a neutral runner or need limited stability, looking for anything from 5 to 21km running shoes, these would be my bet for this year. After only 3 runs in them, I am going to be doing almost all my running (ex trail) in these for the year.



Whilst that is not my arm, I am highly excited by this product from Garmin, which I have ordered here. The older versions of the quick release were nice, but the reviews on this one are the bomb diggity. Racing triathlons just got that bit easier if you own a 310XT, as this strap is secure and fast so that you don’t have to raise your arms off the aerobars to check heart rate, power, etc.

There are a few new items I am playing with which I cannot give a comprehensive review on just yet, as the test period is not quite over yet but I will report on these soon. They include energy drinks, foam rollers, socks, tyres and awaiting my new kit to arrive any day now. It’s all so exciting.

Boys and their toys. In this case, I am in heaven….

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