February 18, 2011

Maybe you understand this, maybe you don’t.

If you have never ridden your bike as fast as you can and sat up to feel the wind in your face, closed your eyes and felt alive, don’t watch that clip.

If you have never had to turn yourself inside out to simply hold onto the back of a group of cyclists, never mind even feature in the race, don’t watch that clip.

If you can’t fathom why we love riding our bikes so much, why we talk cycling when there is so much else to talk about, why we fuss over equipment, why we fuss over kit, gels, supplements, losing weight, get up up early to ride in the dark, get home late after the sun has set, have 50 cycling websites in our RSS readers, read interviews, become involved in forums, love talking smack about how I can beat you any day of the week, why we wear lycra, clickity shoes, why we put up with bad tans, why we look so happy after we have ridden, why we go so far, why we push so hard, why we are so obsessed…

Don’t watch that clip.

Maybe you`ll understand it this way, because what I really have described there is:




The willingness to work when others rest.

Striving for more…

For the best.


Pushing your limits.

Maybe you understand that. Maybe at some point in your life you have run so fast you burst into laughter. Think back to when you were a kid. It was there, quite a bit. That sense of excitement, exhilaration and just being a kid.

Some of us just trade our school shoes for running shoes, for bicycles, wetsuits, surfski’s, snowboards and a plethora of other equipment which somehow extends the umbilical chord to when we were 4 years old and without a care in the world, just a little longer. Some of choose to never forget that feeling.

Maybe you understand that. Now watch that clip…

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