March 1, 2011

It’s times like these…


There is a flow lately that is hard to put a finger on but it’s there and undoubtedly a positive one. The hard work done, I am able to enjoy the last few races of Phase 1 to 2011 and really just vibe out during the weeks, riding easy with mates and enjoying the experience. Today was just such an example. I got up early to start the ride in the dark with good mate Marc Perel heading towards Chapmans Peak on what can only be described as an artists brush perfectly flowed onto the morning where there was not a breath of wind and only the cream of the crop sunshine was allowed to rest on our backs.

We spoke cycling, we spoke life and piano pedaled out way up the hills and over, with only a few small digs to prep for Grape Escape on the weekend where the entire Pure Planet Racing crew will be in action for the first time.

I found an amazing list of carbon footprint documents yesterday in a random search where one click lead to another and another and this great set of variables was placed in front of me. Check them out below:

Link 1: Carbon Emmision Visualisation
Link 2: Google Docs List of Emmisions

Amazing what you think and what is the truth, sometimes.

I feel inspired by the people around me and driven by my teachers to improve, to better myself all the time. I keep learning about myself in the last few weeks, which is a refreshing thing really. Just when you think you know yourself, you can surprise yourself in the best ways, finding levels of depth you knew you were working on but not quite sure they had evolved just yet. There are a few guys and girls out there training for Ironman at the moment who I am sure are experiencing the exact same thing. If I think back about 5-6 weeks to go, you are tired, emotional but having breakthrough sessions a few times a week. The hard work is paying off just as much as it throws you into the gutter but the overall feeling is positive and energetic and expectant of great things.

The race this weekend should be amazing not only in the quality of racing that will take place but in the scenery and the camaraderie that will spill over the brim and into all our lives out there. It’s my first solo 3 day race, so I am a little nervous but quite anxious to get it under the belt.

I hope you are finding the same flow in your life lately, the same excitement for what the next 10 months of 2011 have on offer.

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