March 17, 2011

Getting back “feel” and measuring sleep.

Man I really enjoyed this video. Especially after a few nights in hotels working with BoE Private Clients to raise the bar in awareness for Pure Planet Racing with some of their top clients in Johannesburg and Durban. I slept very well the first night and the body felt great on a long run the next morning. So much so that I felt I could and should get out for a second run yesterday afternoon. The opportunity to run 2 cities in 1 day was just too much fun for my geeky sports orientated brain to avoid.

Last night, however, I slept particularly badly. A combination of having a few glasses of particularly good Sauvignon Blanc and a 4:15am wake up call had me tossing and turning. Because of the way I feel today, there is no way I could go out and train. I have to skip a session I had planned this afternoon because it would be a waste and my weekend would go out the window. I would be compromising a week of good training rather than getting in a session where I would be faffing and just getting it done.

When in doubt, leave it out, as Andrew Maclean likes to say.

I have made an enquiry with Zeo to see if their sleep coach device is available here in South Africa.

But back to “feel”. I am a numbers junkie at the best of times and at other times, I really don’t want to see the numbers at all. Some days I will analyze the entire ride on the Powertap vs Heart Rate vs Altitude gains, etc. Other days, I leave the Garmin at home for a forest run where the point really is to get purposefully lost and lie under a tree for a while, mid run.

For me, even when riding with the Garmin, I am always trying to be aware of what certain intensities feel like, what 350watts on a 10minute climb feels like in the legs, the lungs, in the mind especially, the emotions that happen around minute 4 when it seems like it will never end. I believe “feel” is one of the major things lost on the amateur guys. They are so obsessed with the numbers that they forget what the number/goal/interval/intensity feels like. When their devices fail (and they do fail from time to time) they are left in the dark and cannot get the combination right and bomb out badly.

As the weekend is approaching, I would like to urge you to give “feel” a go this weekend. Tape up a part of your device and go on feel, referencing it only once or twice in your workout. Work with the body, talk to it (ok, yes, I am mad) and listen to what it’s telling you about how it feels when you push it in a certain way.

Right now though, I am going to feel my way through a cup of coffee and the war on admin continues…

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Luke Ferguson
March 17, 2011 at 4:10 pm

I found the sleep part in the video very interesting! I also want to work more on the “feel”, thanks for the post.


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