March 18, 2011

Friday, 18 March, 2011. Benchmarking.


Wow. What a week. It’s Friday and all I feel like is finding that road in that picture, getting my TT bike out and having a long solo ride out there. Bit of good deep house in my ears and finding the “feel” we spoke about yesterday. That suppleness that comes when the intensity is just right.

I want to be going along at 50km/h with my eyes closed and my head down on a long straight piece of road, completely in control of the situation.

But alas, this weekend will be filled with runs and TheGrid and weddings and wine festivals and making shiraz at Kleinhoekkloof, which is pretty amazing. Blessed I am. Over the last few weeks there have been some amazing things going on behind the scenes here. There is a redesign going on here. I really want to keep improving this space for you. There is a new collaboration or two to announce in the next week or so. Exciting stuff.

I have been penning the Sani2c Blog for BoE Private Clients which you can find here. The process of education is something wonderful to be a part or and any involvement in this incredible race gives me the best emotions ever. This week we travelled Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town in the space of 36 hours talking to BoE Clients about the race with Farmer Glen, Andrew Maclean and Gary Marescia, being hosted by the ever professional Gerald de Kock. I felt out of my depth and learned and learned from these industry leaders. My message was Pure Planet Racing and it was well received.

I recently heard of a mate who’s cycling team are measuring their carbon footprints, etc. Check them out at Marshill Cycling. While you`re at it, I am trying to move competitions and a few others things onto Facebook, so have created a Facebook Page for Urban Ninja. Click it and receive content on some exciting upcoming deals, specials and competitions.

Keep in touch by clicking the contact page or leaving comments. I love connecting with you on things which are important to you and value the input and responses I get from articles I write here. It’s quite important to me that content remains fresh on Urban Ninja.

Training has been slowly on the up again since a week of easy stuff after Grape Escape. Not quite as much as I would like, but thankfully, there is a big base to cash in on and a strong mind for when the going gets tough.

Excited for the long weekend and a few naps in there to make up for the crazy week that was. I am sure you are all as excited and I hope you make the most of it before the start of winter arrives. To those athletes prepping for Ironman, have a rock `n roll weekend.

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